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Here at B-Hagz Baits, we strive to improve your days on the water with handmade, elite baits that cover the forage our local gamefish feed on. After years and years of devotion and never giving up, we were able to pursue dreams making our lures in a quantity and quality that have not only produced trophy fish and lifetime memories for me, but to anyone who's used them. Knowing I'm creating these moments for people and putting a smile on their face is something I want to feel for the rest of my life. Versatility, action, and durability are our key goals when creating our lures!



"Life pushes you down trails that, either tough or easy, were meant to be walked on" While other kids spent their free time living a normal life, most nights I found myself trekking the pitch black woods with nothing but a fishing rod , back pack , and a knife. Exploring uncharted land was my passion (guess it was the adrenaline of not knowing what I was walking into). I would have a notebook in my bag taking notes on every aspect of the night; temperatures, moons, tides, and most importantly what was hatching and moving into our local waters. On days I wasn't fishing I would be scavenging the neighborhood looking for feathers, animal hair, and pretty much anything that would imitate "the hatch".What started with tying flies for trout and bass, turned into an obsession making lures for large saltwater gamefish. By 13 years old, I knew the patterns of every forage species to come into New Englands bays and what monsters followed behind them. One of the most memorable days Iv had fishing, which was the spark of this company, was off of Newport RI. We had striped bass annihilating squid all around the boat, and they would not touch a single artificial we threw at them. I scrambled around the boat looking for something to use and at the corner of my eye, laid a rubber broom handle cap split in half. Picked it up, sliced it bottoms up to create "tentacles" , rigged a hook through it, and let me tell you it was the most shocking hit iv ever had. As soon as it hit the water, there was 4-5 big bass charging this broom handle leaving everyone around me in disbelief. This encouraged me to open my mind in ways I never have. 


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